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      Insatiably curious. Contextual thinker. All-rounder. Enthusiastic. Explorer.

      Do any of these sound familiar?  They are various words and phrases I use to describe myself, and why both interior design and project management are my bread and butter.

      Thanks to my experience and interests in a wide range of industries, I find myself uniquely suited for interior design and project management roles.  I’ve created successful designs in multiple industries including retail, non-profit and education, as well as managed the construction of new stores and renovations of over 15 retail locations for several brands while at The Estee Lauder Companies.


      Outside of work I enjoy getting my adrenaline going by participating in events hosted by the Sports Car Club of America.  I also enjoy competing with myself to get that golf swing as effective as possible.  I spend much of my free time reading books in many different categories ranging from biographies to fiction as well as getting hands on with various crafts and painting with watercolor.


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Tel: 361-549-8547

New York, NY

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